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The More You Know

With knowledge comes personal empowerment. And when it comes to healthcare this is particularly true. Especially when it comes to choosing who should perform any medical endoscopies and where you should have them performed.

Did you know that the Associates in Digestive Health (ADH), of Cape Coral,

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Is There A Link?

It's October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when everything seems to turn pink. But we are gastroenterologists, so what is the link?

Both breast and colorectal cancers have a risk factor in common - obesity, and that is not all; having a sedentary lifestyle and eating a high fat/low fiber diet are

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Colorectal Cancer

A new stool DNA test that also incorporates stool hemoglobin testing and DNA methylation was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in August 2014. The new test seems to detect colorectal cancer in 92.3 percent of patients. There are however false positive tests in 10 percent of

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Screening Colonoscopy and Adenoma Detection Rate

The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported in a study of over 300,000 colonoscopies, rates of adenoma detection amongĀ 136 gastroenterologists varied from 7.4 to 52.5 percent. Patients who had screening colonoscopy performed by gastroenterologists with higher rates of detecting

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