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Colon Cancer On The Rise for Young People

Even though screenings for colon cancer aren’t recommended for those under the age of 50, new research shows that the number of diagnosed cases in people under 50 are significantly on the rise. Based on current trends, researchers from the MD Anderson Cancer Center predict that by 2030 the

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Too Much Of A Comfy Thing?

You play basketball twice a week and run regularly. You’re healthy enough, right? Actually, maybe not. If you compare the amount of exercise you get per week with the amount of sitting you do per day, you’ll see what we mean.

The human body is designed to move, and sitting for 5-9 hours a day

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Is It Just Heartburn or Something More Serious?

The holiday season and Thanksgiving in particular, provide many opportunities for over-eating. Have you ever felt that burning in your throat after a big meal? Is that just normal heartburn-- or is it more serious?

Everyone gets heartburn occasionally, but more frequent episodes could actually be

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Nationally Recognized Expertise

You may think “colonoscopy” when you think of the doctors of Associates in Digestive Health, and you would be right - but you would only be partially right. Our physicians treat a wide variety of illnesses and perform state of the art procedures.

Recently, our very own Dr. Brian Rajca was

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